• Birch Bay Village Pool

      The Birch Bay Village Pool is open to residents, owners and their guests during the summer months (usually Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day Weekend) with a valid pool pass.  The pool is located adjacent to the BBV Clubhouse and is 75 ft in length, 35 ft in width, 3 ft deep on either end and 5 ft deep in the center.  The pool facility also features a kiddie pool, newly renovated changing rooms, a picnic area, and several lounge chairs to sun yourself in.
      Pool attendants are on hand to assist with check-in, cleaning, and general rule enforcement.  They are NOT lifeguards.   Parents or other responsible adults are expected to monitor and supervise their children. If there is an emergency please call 911.
      With the current limitations in place for pools in the state of Washington all users must review the updated rules.



      Temporary Pool Rules for 2021

      • No reservation or time limits have been imposed at this time. Access to the pool is first come, first served. If we are experiencing ongoing issues with capacity, we reserve the right to limit time frames, setup a reservation system, and/or implement other means to ensure equal access to the amenity by all residents/homeowners.  **UPDATE: When pool is at max capacity a 2 hour time limit will go into effect.**
      • All pool users must sign a COVID waiver form and check in at the desk prior to being allowed entry.
      • Guest must be accompanied by and remain with a BBV member. Guest limitations have not been imposed, but if this is abused or if we are having capacity issues,   we reserve the right to limit number of guests.
      • Everyone MUST practice good hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly after using the restroom and before returning to the pool.
      • No food allowed. ONLY plastic beverage containers allowed on pool deck.
      • A responsible adult (18+) MUST accompany children less than 16 years of age & MUST be at the pool at all times.
      • When person 16 to 17 years are using the pool, they MUST come in a group of at least two (2) people & remain together while at the pool.
      • All staff and patrons (unless from the same household) must practice safe physical distancing of 6 feet or more at all times.
      • Covid-19 Pool Occupancy Levels – 30 in the water, 38 on the deck overall, 40 for the entire pool area.  Only 1 family in the kiddie pool at a time.  Pool staff will turn away users once pool is at maximum occupancy. Please check back later.
      • Patrons and staff members must wear a mask at all times when indoors, except when using the shower facilities.
      • Masks are not necessary when outdoors if safe physical distancing can be maintained.
      • No pool toys will be provided.  Patrons may bring their own - any toys that impede the enjoyment of others will not be allowed (I.e. squirt guns, large balls, etc).
      • Our pool staff are not lifeguards or babysitters; they are present to monitor capacity (check in users) and conduct periodic cleaning.
      • The pool is available to all owners/lessees with their guests.  Owners must obtain a pool pass, for a fee, from the office PRIOR to use of the pool.
      • All those entering the pool area must follow the pool rules.
      • Reserving of chairs is not permitted.
      • No Diving, Running or Horseplay is allowed.
      • Stay home if you are sick or not feeling well. (This includes, but not limited to fevers, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, open sores/wounds, skin infections, ear infections or eye infections).
      • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may use the pool.
      • Everyone MUST take a cleansing shower before using the pool.
      • Swimmer of all ages must wear appropriate swimming attire. Nudity is NOT allowed. NO diapers are permitted in the pool. (This includes swim diapers)
      • Only life preserver vests approved by the coast guard & water wings on children are permitted in the pool.
      • Lounge chairs are not permitted in the kiddie pool area.
      • Diaper changing areas are located in each locker room.
      • Any person violating Association rules will be asked to leave.
      • The pool may be closed for adverse/unsafe conditions at managements discretion.
      • Anyone refusing to obey the regulations is subject to removal from the premises.
      • The General Manager & pool operators have the authority to enforce more stringent rules than those listed above to ensure the health, safety & comfort of all patrons.



      Memorial Day Weekend -  June 18, 2021

      Monday - Friday


      Saturday - Sunday

      9AM - 10am (Lap Swim)


      *pool will only be open when there is enough ambient light to see the bottom of one end of the pool from the other end of the pool.

      June 19, 2021-Labor Day Weekend


      9AM-10AM Water Aerobics* (M,W,F)/Lap Swim** (S,T,TH, SA)

      10AM-8PM*** Open Swim

      ***pool will only be open when there is enough ambient light to see the bottom of one end of the pool from the other end of the pool.

      *Water aerobics will begin June 7th.  The pool will be unmanned and available only for this group under the supervision of the approved leadership.

      **Due to capacity restrictions, we will not be able to set up lap swimming during open swim. Lap swim is scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9AM to 10AM.


      With the nice weather we are having to turn people away due to our mandated capacity limit.  Because of this, we will be enforcing a 2 hour time limit patrons if people are waiting for the pool.  We will evaluate after this week to determine if a reservation system needs to be implemented.




      Newly order pool passes will be available at the POOL for pick up in 2 business days.

      2021 Pool Pass Prices:

      • Annual Pool Pass per household - $50.00 (price includes 1st fob)
      • Additional and/or replacement fobs - $10.00 (maximum 2 per household)


      If you have an amenity fob registered to your property it will be reactivated within 2 business days of purchase. There is no need to pick up a new fob.

      If you have lost and need to replace a previously registered fob you will need to purchase a replacement fob for $10 in addition to purchasing a pool pass. Your amenity fob will be ready for pick up in 2 business days.

      If you are purchasing a pool pass for the first time you will be issued an amenity fob and it will be ready for pick up in 2 business days.

      Order* your annual pool pass and/or replacement fobs HERE.

      *By ordering a pool pass you are confirming that you have read the updated pool rules and agree to abide by these rules.