• Birch Bay Village Sports Courts

      The Birch Bay Village Sports Courts are open to residents, owners and their guests year round* and is open from dawn until dusk.  The sports courts are located behind the pool and the BBV Clubhouse.  It features a basketball court,  3 pickleball courts, and a tennis court that can be converted into 2 additional pickleball courts.


      *The courts are secured during the winter months but can be opened by calling security at (360)371-7644.


      With the current limitations in place for sports courts in the state of Washington all users must practice social distancing.
      E:\Pictures by Genaro Shaffer @ Bellwether Real Estate

      Picture Courtesy of Genaro Shaffer, Bellwether Real Estate

      Pickleball in the Village

      Birch Bay Village has an active Pickleball Club with scheduled play and tournaments for all levels of play.  For club contact information please contact the office.

      Birch Bay Village offers a limited number of sponsored pickleball passes each year allowing sponsored non-village residents access to the pickleball courts for play. Please see 2023 Pickleball Information below.



      July 2023 Pickleball Schedule




      Sponsored Pickleball Pass Information

      Anyone who is properly sponsored approved and pays for a SPP will be subject to the rules and regulations applicable to all BBV residents. SPP holders may only participate pickleball related activities.

      2023 Sponsored Pickleball Pass* Fee:  $50

      *Only 30 sponsored pickleball passes will be issued for 2022.

      2023 SPONSORED Pickleball Application

      Sponsored Pickleball Pass Specific Conditions and Procedures

      • Eligibility: SPP applicants must:
        • a) be sponsored by a BBV resident in good standing;
        • b) complete an application, pay sponsorship fee ($50 for 2023); and,
        • c) be approved by both the BBV General Manager and the BBV Pickleball Committee.
      • Application and sponsorship process: Applicants must complete an application provided by and maintained at the BBV Community Club Office (see attached); sponsor verification is performed by BBV staff, following which the SPP application is forwarded to the BBV General Manager for approval.
      • Approval and Notification: Applicants approved by the BBV General Manager are notified by BBV staff in the order that applications are received.
      • SPP Identification Card: On application approval, BBV staff will issue a sequentially numbered, uniquely colored annual SPP identification card to each approved applicant. SPP card numbers are recorded on the retained/approved applications and a list is provided to guard staff. SPP cards are used for identification purposes at the Visitor’s Gate.
      • Program Evaluation: Each year, the Pickleball Committee shall evaluate the SPP program and recommend to the Board (during the annual budget process) that the SPP be continued (with or without changes) or terminated.

       Additional Considerations:

      • Restricted guest invitation privileges: The SPP holder, not being a BBV resident, is not permitted to admit non-resident guests into Birch Bay Village under his/her own sponsorship.
      • Compliance with the 2023 BBV Pickleball schedule especially as it applies to playing with appropriate skill levels (advanced, intermediate, and beginner/novice.)
      • Exhibits sportsmanship conduct and proper court etiquette.

      Beginners & Novice Pickleball Lessons