• Birch Bay Village Village Voice


      We are the new Communications Committee and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Our working mission statement is as follows:

      The Communications Committee commits to advise and assist the BOD by providing and distributing relevant information to keep residents up to date on BBV news.  We commit to developing a communications plan for BBVCC communications (bulletin, website, Village Voice, social media platforms) and monitoring/responding to comments and concerns.

      Our members are:  Mary Santi, Chair; Gayle Robinson, Vice-Chair; Maureen Server, Secretary.  Ernie Hutchins is the liaison to the Board of Directors.

      We are pleased to introduce the Village Voice, an email update to keep you informed in a timely manner about happenings in and about BBVCC.  It will be delivered to residents’ email by office staff, and will also be printed and available at the Rec Center and other gathering places.  It is not a replacement of the monthly bulletin which will continue.

      We hope to provide a forum for residents to ask questions and may distribute surveys from time to time on issues that are relevant to BBVCC residents.

      One thing that has been brought to our attention is that some residents do not have access to email, and may have difficulty obtaining printed copies of the monthly bulletin and other communications.  If you know of such an individual, we would be happy to arrange for a volunteer to deliver printed communications to their homes.  Please contact us at our email address communications@bbvcc.com.

      Thank you.  We look forward to serving all of you, and welcome questions, comments and concerns!

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