• Garbage Can Rules updated!

      New changes (in Bold) to Section 12.1 of the General Rules & Regulations (for the full document click General Rules and Regulations)

      • Refuse Storage and Placement:
        • Disposal of garbage, household waste or any other type of refuse (“Refuse”) shall be the responsibility of the lot owner
        • No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for refuse.
        • Household refuse shall be kept in closed containers. Heavy duty refuse containers provided by SSC and others, may be stored at the side of the garage or dwelling provided the lid is closed & refuse is not overflowing. Other containers such as recycling boxes or privately purchased containers, must be stored behind ACC approved fence screening.
        • Refuse placed curbside prior to and after scheduled pick-up: The expectation is that the owner shall make all reasonable efforts to minimize the time where the containers stand at curbside, prior and subsequent to pick up. Owners who are traveling, or only present for portions of the week, should make suitable arrangements to ensure that containers are moved as necessary to meet the above-mentioned expectation.
        • Composting is an acceptable means of on-site disposal of non-toxic organic waste.
        • Incineration of any type of household refuse is prohibited.